Photo published in The Economist

On November 21, 2020, The Economist published a disturbing article about the way people with mental health issues are treated in Kenya.

Father John Pesa at the Holy Ghost Coptic Church of Africa in Kisuma, Kenya, keeps at least 60 “patients” shackled in chains, according to Human Rights Watch.


Photo by omar calderone on Unsplash

A week or so after visiting the NHS mental health centre where my sister had died, I visited the NHS hospital where my dad was recovering from a routine operation.

Entering the Frimley Park hospital, I saw nothing to contradict the claim that the NHS is the best health service…

My sister Sophie O’Neill

The phone call

“Unfortunately I’ve got some bad news about Sophie,” my mum said over the phone. I knew my sister had been in a mental health facility in London for nearly two weeks. She had a diagnosis of schizophrenia but was generally well and lived an independent life. I…

Joseph Leonard O’Neill

I write about mental health issues. Sign my petition for fair investigations into NHS mental health deaths here:

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